Every product sold by Monochrome Hub Gallery is “made to order”, which means it is specifically manufactured just for you only after you have placed your Order. We stand behind our art with a 100% quality guarantee. Monochrome Hub Gallery color matches every print to the artists' source file and fully authenticates every piece. Accordingly, Monochrome Hub Gallery does not accept refunds, returns or exchanges for Orders. We are also unable to make any changes or cancellations to orders after 24 hours from the moment the Order is placed. If you believe you have made a mistake with your Order, please contact us immediately at support@monochrome-hub.com.

On rare occasions, one or more products in an Order may be damaged while in transit in possession of our shipping partners. If one or more of your product/s arrives damaged, please send detailed, clearly visible photos of the damage including images of the packaging to support@monochrome-hub.com.

In cases where one or more product/s is materially damaged, Monochrome Hub Gallery may elect to restore or replace the damaged product/s in Monochrome Hub Gallery’s sole discretion following a review of the photos submitted (“Damage Review”).

If requesting a Damage Review, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the following:

1) photos of damaged areas of product/s must be clearly visible and submitted in .jpeg or .png format;
2) photos of damage must be received by Monochrome Hub Gallery no fewer than seventy-two (72) hours following the indicated delivery date of the applicable Order by the shipping provider responsible for delivering the Order;
3) photos of the damage must have been taken immediately following receipt of the product/s, and the product/s must not have been hung, placed or otherwise installed prior to photos of the damage being taken;
4) a Damage Review requires a minimum of thirty (30) business days to complete, and Monochrome Hub Gallery may elect to replace or repair the damaged product at its sole discretion;
5) the delivery of a replacement product, if any, will be subject to the existing manufacturing capacity, inventory, availability and shipping timing, and you may be responsible for payment of return shipping in the event that Monochrome Hub Gallery elects to repair or replace the product/s.


Any purchase on Monochrome Hub Gallery can be fully cancelled up to 24 hours after making the payment.

Steps to cancel your order (up to 24 hours after purchase)

  • Enter the order confirmation email that we have sent you and locate the order number (example: #1234).
  • Send us an email to support@monochrome-hub.com with the SUBJECT: Cancel Order: XXXXX (Write your order number here). Send us your name, email and payment details, to be able to do the refund.

We’ll contact you within 24 hours and proceed to refund your order.

Keep in mind that if we receive your request for cancellation after these 24 hours, your order could be on its way and therefore your request can’t be accepted.