MONOCHROME Hub VLC. started as a small physical gallery in Valencia, Spain with the portfolio of classic black and white fine art photographies by the creator of the gallery Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez. Founded by a professional photographer who had numerous covers for magazines such as Esquire, Maxim, Playboy, Harper's Bazaar, Elegance, MONOCHROME Hub VLC. rides on the expertise, lessons learnt and creative freedoms that span the 25 years of one man’s career.

At MONOCHROME Hub, we want to give everyone the power to access Fine ART photography. We offer original artworks in limited edition following all gallery standards. The fixed sizes and pricing provide simple and clear choices.

Dedicated to purposeful photography, we aim to cater to the needs of:

- Photography lovers by offering affordable pieces in limited editions
- Home decorating lovers by offering ready-to-hang art photography in open series
- Collectors by offering curator-selected artworks of established authors

Our primary goal is to provide the best experience for our customers. Therefore, the selection of authors in MONOCHROME Hub is highly selective. It is essential for us to present a wide genre variety in both classical and contemporary photography. To ensure that this happens, the authors selected to exhibit their work are a blend of renowned-and-established and young-up-coming photographers.

At MONOCHROME Hub, we are in control of the quality of each print, and that is the reason it has remained impeccable over time. Apart from using the gallery quality archival papers, in our digital lab, every step of the photo-processing operation is carefully controlled. To guarantee the authenticity, every piece of art is accompanied by a certificate with a gallery seal, signature, number and hologram. In that way, our customers can be sure that they possessed real art.